MATHEW is an electrician who first encountered us via a friend who suggested that he should take advantage of our free consultation session. Afterwards he said:

"that session really opened up my eyes to the potential of my business and I got a lot of clues about how to grow my business;- just simple, easy to implement things that I honestly didn't think about before..."

By implementing our recommendations within a year his business had more than doubled and he had to take on an additional 2 staff. He was so impressed by Khans that he decided to transfer his accounts to us and we have helped Mathew computerise his book-keeping so that he has access to monthly management information enabling him to measure and manage the Key Performance Indicators which help him to drive the business. We have found ways to reduce this tax burden and this, combined with our business advise has helped him multiply his turnover by over three times less than two years! To Quote Mathew;

"I honestly believe that being with Khans was the single best business decision that I ever took...."

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